Deoxit for cables

I have just purchased a loom of interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. Does deoxit improve the connections of these items, as in at least inhibiting corrosion? Has anybody had experience with using deoxit and deoxit gold?
Wright's Silver anti-tarnish polish.  Magic stuff,
been using it for years.  You won't believe the
changes you will see, on your polishing cloth...
I have been using CAIG products for years with great results.
Wrights. Oops, already bought deoxit
A container should set you back less than $10;
it's never too late...
Deoxit works great…good for sticky pots also.
Deoxit works great…
Hi @wolf_garcia 

Can you be more specific please? There are different types of deoxit and different methods of applying it. What are you using on cable (bare wire ends presumably) that have shown improvement? Thanks.

Deoxit 100…lasts forever, use it for my guitar pedalboard (has a lot of important phone plug connections), any weird pot, clean hifi connections…and it does one dose shots to keep you from flooding things. I clean bare wire before putting it in proper spades/bananas/phone/Speakon plugs, etc. as bare wire is simply too exposed for its own good.


Thank you.
Uh, is Deoxit suddenly on the controversial tweak list? Craig is the same company that made Cramolin Blue and Cramolin Red that were used by the airlines to clean electrical contacts. If memory serves Deoxit contains Cramolin. Have not personally analyzed it though. If someone reports bad results with Deoxit I’ll eat a bug. 🐛
I use d5 deoxit. Flood the living hell out of the pots and let them dry for 48hrs. No more problems for years after that. 
The best product out there i have been using for over 2 years now 
Is Stabilant -22.  Nasa has been using this ,as well as Many high tech Companies  Ratheon, northrupt Grumman, and Many air lines 
Enhances conductivity and lasts for over 12 years is not taken off .
First clean all contacts on both end with over 90% isopropyl alcohol
Craig makes great swabs ,that stay together big,and small fantastic also for Vacuum tube pins and sockets .they sound noticeably 
when I have tried deoxit, for me, it dulled the sound... sorry geoffkait... and didn’t seem to last before it needed to be cleaned and reapplied. perhaps there is a new deoxit that I am not aware of.

haven’t tried Stabilant -22, but it sounds interesting, as does Total Contact (TC - new tweak -- its fantastic)
Really, deoxit dulls the sound?
nope, sorry, I didn’t like the result (dulled the sound for the worse not better) and eventually cleaned it off with flux cleaner using a tooth brush. just checked which one I have, it is the Caig ProGold G5 Connector Enhancer but it didn't work for me. I have most of a spray tin left.

what was your experience?
How can cleaning contacts which, for me anyway, allows signal to get through, dull that signal? Do people actually think signal is transformed by simply allowing it to be signal? Is it more "signally?" 
theoretically it should help complete the mechanical connection and prevent oxidation/etc occurring.  hopefully making the connection even better for current and voltage transfer and over a longer period of time, which is sort of "better or more signally".
I think applying the term "theoreticaly" to a statement of the obvious (Contact cleaners clean the contacts. Who knew?) shows a clear disregarding of irony. Yping, you are an Irony Dodger.
Perhaps the Caig ProGold G5 Connector Enhancer is a different type of product than Deoxit 100 or D5 Deoxit. Are "connector enhancer" and "cleaner" synonyms?
It’s all explained on the Caig web site, fortunately. You know, Caig dot com.
I am glad deoxit works for you with your audio listening.  that is all that is important
yping, the gold product is not really a cleaner, I've tried it too.  After applying it within a few months I had a little bit of green residue I wiped off the RCA jacks of my preamp.  I haven't used it since.

But the Deoxit D100 or D5 is actually a pretty good cleaner of contact points.  That said, I ordered some Stabilant-22.  I did notice an improvement of the sound, more detail.  I applied it to all of my RCA connections but not my speaker cable connections.  Unfortunately I've been changing cables a lot and I think I've reduced the effects.  Once I settle on a cable combination I'll reapply.
I am definitely a fan of deoxit gold. I also recommend using it in combination with Silclear, a silver paste from Mapleshade. I add a bit of Silclear to the brush before I dip it in the deoxit. This gives a more full sound that deoxit alone. Plain, non-gold deoxit may be a good cleaner but seems to dull the sound. 
Wow. Well, I have both d100 and gold. I thought that the d100 was the basic cleaner and the gold was a more advanced application. Caig told me to apply the d100 and then the gold...I believe they said the gold was more of a preservative I believe
Okay, has anyone else found that when they apply the deoxit gold, that a green residue forms after a few months?   Is the stuff only for actual gold RCA jacks?
Fascinating website. At the risk of hijacking the thread, has anyone tried the grease?

I've been tempted by Stabilant -22 and the new graphene films. I definitely don't want something that will have to be cleaned and reapplied so long term performance is a must for me. I think I have some Caig deoxit gold that I intended to use to clean pots, but fear of gumming slowed me down. BIG WARNING, make sure you use the right type of Caig deoxit on pots or you will melt them with one application.

All these products claim to make better contacts. Has anyone tried to measure that with a micro-ohm meter? Geoffkait, you seem to be a big fan of Caig, do you know of any hard data?
It seems highly unlikely that applications that allegedly help a signal to come through (most connectors with gold plating do this just fine anyway) or stop the dreaded "micro arcing" plague will not have any effect on that signal…unless the crud on your connections has gummed things up to an amazing degree (you live on a boat, in a lighthouse, a tent in Guam), you're going to end up with whatever the signal was in the first place. Deoxit comes in handy for the questionable connections of phone plugs (a really outdated design) in a guitar pedal board because those sort of suck anyway, and sticky pots are just that…so it cleans those. The results simply allow the signal to be there, as opposed to not being there…that's it.
Pro Gold just sounds a bit more vivid and warm :))
Has anyone had experience with using deoxit gold with good results?  Caig advertises the gold as a conditioner, but a couple of comments above claim green residue and/or dulled sound. Dulled sound? From a solvent?
I ordered some Stabilant-22.  I did notice an improvement of the sound, more detail. 


I've looked at the website and have a question or two if you don't mind.

First, which one (letter designation) specifically?

Secondly, based on the description, this appears to be nothing more than isopropal or ethanol based alcohol. Nothing wrong with alcohol, mind you :) , but are there other ingredients (as listed on the bottle?

Last, based on what I see on amazon, this is rather expensive for "what it is". Thoughts on pricing? Looks like I can get this at CVS, albeit it wouldn't be called stabiliant. 


I got I got that same kit... the 5ml vial. Note that you need to add 99% isopropyl alcohol to it to dilute it, 4 to 1. The stuff in the little 5ml vial is pretty thick.