Denver TT Shootout?

Hey Chris Brady, Thom Mackris, et al,
Was there any late night analog party/showdown/danceoff at the Denver show? I'm guessing your larger competitors were not too interested, but you know we are...
Show attendees, please share what you saw & heard.

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No shootout between the various TT manufacturers. We did get to hear two demos of the differences between the all acrylic, lead damped acrylic and wood platters on a Teres Model 200. The lead damped is better than the all acrylic. The wood is preferred by people that like a lush, full sound. The lead damped platter was preferred by people who like a cooler sound.

The Model 360 prototype with Schroeder Reference arm and Koetsu Urushi cartridge looks gorgeous and sounded wonderful. Unfortunately, all we could compare it to was a Model 245 with Origin Live Illustrious arm and Shelter Crown Jewel cartridge. The 360 was substantially better.
I heard the comparison of the Teres weighted acrylic and weighted wood platters at the last CES. Everyone demanded that he put back the wood platter. It was not just lushness or full sound; the lead weighted wood was more dynamic, had a wider soundstage, and generally was more realistic. No one could understand why the lead weighted lucid platter was even made.
I prefer the wood platter myself. But several people attending the same demo session with me said that they preferred the lead loaded acrylic platter. Obviously, tastes, systems, and hearing differ. Vive le difference!
Basically, the platters were an evolutionary process, and that is how they came about. First it was plain acrylic, then the lead-loaded acrylic made some improvement, so that was made available. Then the wood platters were tried, and they seem to be the most well-received now.

All the other platters are still available at different budget ranges. Now there is even wood with brass at the base of the platter, on the new flagship Teres 360.

It is still all about getting the best you can afford. Even the basic acrylic platter still sounds real good on the Teres turntables. If you can afford the top line models, that's even better.
I attended and there was alot of great vinyl being played. Although I am not aware of the TT shootout actually taking place there was plenty of opportunity to here both Teres and Galibier turntables although in different systems. In these environments it is virtually impossible to pass judgement on comparisons but the Teres and Galibier tables sounded exceptional in the systems they were in. I am sure that there are some slight differences in sound between them but it seems that they both excell at what they do and it really comes down to personal preference. I have a Redpoint Testa Rosa which is an early variation of the Galibier. It is an outstanding TT but I could see that the Teres would be very good as well. I had a chance to hear the Schroeder reference on each and based on the sound and concept of no bearing I have decided to bite the bullet and order one for myself. Oh well you only live once!
Dmailer, I don't have experience with the Reference on anything other than the Garrard 501, but I expect you will be very happy.
Please post your impressions when you get the new arm. Hopefully, I can get a chance to hear any/all of these tables sometime soon. From all the fascinating posts regarding the Reference arm, it certainly has piqued my interest. Cheers,
Spencer, I will be glad to post my feedback once I get the Schroeder arm. Unfortunately it will be another 3 months before it should arrive.