Denver Hi-End?

Hi, I will be in Denver for a week and would like to know where to go to audition some good equipment, primarily speakers. any suggestions?
thanks guys
Audio Unlimited carries Avalon and JM Labs. Audio Federation (in Boulder?) carries Acapella and Martens.
Try Sounds Real Audio to try some Cain & Cain speakers (e.g. Cain Abby). Jim is one of the really nice guys ...

Enjoy Denver and don't froget to take a trip into the mountains!
Try Listen Up on South Pearl St., south of downtown Denver. Nice showroom, good people. They carry a lot of mid-high end, but also have some of the higher high-end.
With the current weather in Denver, all of the gear has been "cryo'd" as well! Bundle up; and happy tunes!
A few others to take in:

Cherry Creek Audio
Denver Audio Designs
MoonDance Audio

FYI - Audio Unlimited is by appointment only.

Google them to find their websites and locations.

Have fun!!
the high community is huge here. as you may know there is a massive amount of manufacturing of high end equipment from boulder to colorado springs. its nuts!
i 'visited' audio federation in boulder and it was unbelieveable! i lived in n.y.c for most of my life and i have been to all the shops over and over since i was a kid and it was great, however around here is a whole different sport.
you may try to visit some of the manufactures. if you arrange for that let me know.