Denver, Co

I was quite surprised that there isn't a thread for Denver, so I thought I'd start one. Given the size of the city, the number of high end audio retailers around, the generally cool nature of Denverites, and the number of people who attend RMAF every year, there must be enough of us to support a club around here.
The Colorado Audio Society has been around for quite awhile:
Well I’m not in Denver, but am in Co., Pueblo is not that big with no really high end audio dealer, but Sound Shop in Colorado Springs is where I get my gear, I have mostly Mcintosh equ. tubes, I do it all Lp’s reel to rell cassette, cds,wifi with Sonos, and Astell and Kern. Any one who wants to bull just leave me a note.

I'm from Pueblo County too.  I can't afford McIntosh, so I've had to settle for Dynaco Mark IIIs, a Pas 2, upgraded with Svetlanas.  I'm a settler.  We make our own clothes and squeeze our own milk here in the ghetto that is Pueblo Colorado. 

many good Audio companies and dealers/retailers hail from CO.
Hey I also call Pueblo home I'm running a SP10-mk11a,Air tight PC-1,EAR 912,BHK 300 monos,Reference 3A grand veenas.
As mofi said there is the "Colorado Audio Society". A real good group and good support when I use to attend 26 yrs ago for a couple of years. It is a great way to hear other gear, make contacts that can help you with your system, and make some nice friends, have some neat outings and great times.