Denver Audio Show photos

Where are some 2005 Show photos posted?

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I have about 300 high res. Images I'm working on for Audiogon.

Unfortunately, it takes a while to load each file into Photoshop, clean up the color, lighten-darken, sharpen and burn to CD for Audiogon.

Sorry I am so slow. I got home about midnight Sunday and spent Monday catching up on clients that missed me Thursday, Friday and the weekend.

Audiogon should have the best coverage, I shot EVERY room and some rooms include multiple images, including a few details of individual products.

I barely got though covering the show, it was about 50% bigger than last year !
A big prospective THANK YOU to Albertporter.
I second that.Thank You Mr.Porter for your time and precision at covering shows,you are our eyes to the newest equipment and should be commended.
Thank you Albert. I always have a look at your pictures.

Albert, you clean up every photo? That's what I call dedication. You are a professional! Can't wait to see them.
Albert, I agree with you, it was a great show and I expect your great photos will help reinforce my recollections of some really fun rooms. BTW, though I listed my user name on my badge I didn't have the opportunity to link up with any other Agoners. Where the heck were you guys hanging out?

Look forward to the photos and thanks in advance.
As always Albert many thanks from us all for your photographic efforts. In the meantime people can check out for pics from the first day.
Islandear: I was there :)
your coverage always blends professionalism and humor with clean ,clear photos...thanks ,i'm sure,for your dedication,it gives those that attend a helpful reminder as well as a "virtual tour" for those not able to make it.
your photos and e-mails are always anticipated and appreciated!!
Hey Albert, 300 photos can take forever. I was locked up at work 14 hours a day, six days straight working on just ONE image!

Thanks for covering the show, I can't wait to see them!
C'mon Al...get a leg up! I used to crop, color enhance, create clipping paths, why I could do 750 images in an 8 hr
shift, whats the hold up man??????!!!!!!!!!
P.S. When I was in charge of Graphics arts and Typesetting for a Printing Company in Cleveland, my boss fed me the same shit I am feeding you, and it feels AWESOME to dish it back out.......whewwwwwww thanks
Jtinn, how ruuude of me - it was fun getting to place a face with a name. I never did catch up with Mike. I guess I'll have to park in your room at long as you focus a bit more on jazz. Hah.
We have several hundred big and juicy photos of RMAF 2005 here:

Not pro shots like Albert's (you should see his rig!) but hopefully enjoyable nonetheless.

A show report is forthcoming...

Hey Albert,

If you run into a situation where a group of images have the same color values because they were taken in the same room with a common lighting element, you might try color correcting one, then running a batch conversion and/or action on the rest of the similar photos in Photoshop.

If you used a digital camera you're probably working in RGB, and that color space lends itself better to extreme adjustment layer [i.e. curves] color moves.

Can't wait to see them babies!
Well it's done, 319 images to be exact. I will ship to Audiogon on Monday 10th.

Audiogon has a huge job getting all these on their server (with supporting text and search ability) for all you boys and girls to view :^).

Thanks for the support guys, and an big & "thank you" to Audiogon.