Dented Tweeter?

Hello All,
I have a pair of 2000 cherry Hales Design Group Revelation 3s. Unfortunatly during shipping one of the tweeters has a small dent in it less than 1/2 cm. I can't tell audibly that there is a problem, but I have to think the dent causes some dispersion problems. Since Hales Design are out of business, does anyone have any suggestions as to the condition of the tweeter, replacing the tweeter or info on Hales drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rega Planet 2000
Forte F44 preamp
Classe Ten power amp
Hales Design Group Rev. 3s
w/ sonic euphoria and mit cables
Years ago, my luvable thug of a godson dented the dustcap on the lf driver of a KEF 103. I called KEF to order a replacement. Their advice: Bend the tip of a needle to 90 degrees. Gently pierce the dust cap near the center of the dent and, using the needle as a hook, pop it out. Then put a tiny drop of superglue over the needle hole.

Worked perfectly. Might not work for a metal tweeter but something to keep in mind for
I dented the dome on one of my Seas metal dome tweeters. I removed the tweeter baffle and rubbed out the dent from behind with a Popsicle stick that had soaked in water for a while to make it softer. The dent is still slightly noticeable at very close inspection, but appears just fine from a distance. A soft dome should be just as easy, just forget the water on the stick.

BTW, are you interested in selling your F-44 preamp?
Chewing gum! That's right, chewing gum. Works every time. Chew it for awhile, then stick it to the dome, gently pull,Bam! Fixed.Try it, it works. Hope this helps you.

So I noticed my system was sounding harsh. And it grew and grew on me until I was sure I needed new speakers (see previous post about dented Thiel tweeter).

Kind of as a last resort I changed out the dented unit and immediately it sounded better. I think the tweeter must have been resonating or something - it wasn't hitting the magnet.

Changing it made a big difference.
I have a pair of T-5's and have a very small dent in one of the tweeters. I had a technician put a light sensor across the tweeter to ensure there were no tears or wrinkles etc. He said the slight dent was okay and wouldn't affect the sound quality in any way whatsoever. They sound bloody amazing.