Dense, powerful sounding TT, decent top $3500 max?

I've had a VPI HW-19 Mk.III table for donkey's years. Several of my other components have been upgraded, and I'm looking to possibly acquire a new table. I listen mainly to classical music, and like a sound that is dense, powerful and supple as opposed to rigid/electronic, and with some decent top end extension. I am staying with my SME IV.Vi tonearm. Maximum I want to spend for the table is $3500. Thanks very much.
Like you I listen mostly to classical music and my arm is an SME V. Its easy for me to recommend a Teres 255: lead damped armboard and acrylic platter, beautiful cocobolo plinth, excellent Maxon motor. Simple to setup and easy to maintain. Chris Brady will custom cut the armboard for you. Frankly I was stunned and delighted (shock and awe!) at the improvements the Teres + SME made over my SOTA Sapphire. I'll say it matches your criteria very well.

I used the 255 with the V for several years before upgrading to a Teres 320. And there is another plus, Teres has a great policy that makes it really affordable to move up. But the 255 could easily be a lifetime table.

There are quite a few Teres users on the forums so you can get more opinions than mine. And there are lots of excellent tables in your price range and I hope folks offer further suggestions. You might tell us your cartridge and phono preamp as all the bits fit together in the analog front-end. Best of luck with your search!

your mkIII is a great table...for the money, you'll be going sideways.
Avid Volvere. About 1k more than your budget but works very well with SME (bolts directly to the subchasis, power bass and dynamics of a non suspended table; depth, and detail of a suspended table). Very easy to set-up and extremely well made. You would not be disappointed.
Lots of options at your price level and easy to blow away the Mk.III.

The Teres recommendation is solid.
You might want to hear the Michell Orbe SE. It does very well the the arm you have and would allow you some extra money to get a top notch cartridge.
Thanks, fellows, for your thoughts so far. Jtimothya: I've checked out info before on the Teres 255, and was quite favorably impressed by what I read. I also found interesting your comparative comment regarding the Sota Sapphire, which I owned too a number of years back, and which, to my ears at least, always sounded more stereotypically "solid state". I will take another good look at the Teres 255. And Jaybo: Your point is well taken also. That same thought has crossed my mind before. Otherwise, I've noted one other good possibility---the Serac by Galibier, which is expected soon to make its market debut. Has anyone out there heard more about this unit ?
How about an idler-wheel drive especially for classical.Check out Loricraft Audio in England.
Forgot to mention...I have the Supratek Cortese preamp and am currently with the low output Grado Sonata cartridge, but will move to either one of the Benz or Shelter cartridges, and not the most expensive model.
Look at the new TW Acustic Raven One. It is a bargain.
If you are looking used(???), and like the sound of your VPI, why not look futher up their line?

I oned a VPI HW19, and upgraded to an Aries and was very happy for a long time. The 19 had a modified Rega 300 ,and the Aries had the JMW 10. If it matters.

See if you can find an Aries 1 - not the II or III. It is a substantial improvement on the HW19.
I'll second Jtimothya and AudioFeil. A Teres easily outplays an HW19 or an Orbe. I suspect a Galibier Serac would too. These will come closer to being worthy of your tonearm, which you've never heard to full advantage due on your present table.

You're seeking solidity and a low resonant signature. High mass, unsuspended tables excel at these things, and the drive belt used by Teres and Galibier provides better speed stability than the stretchy, elastic belts used by most of their competitors. This gets you closer to the pace accuracy of idler wheel and direct drive.

Those other drive modes can be superior to belt drive, but I don't think you'll find one with the black background, solidity and resonance control of a Teres/Galibier for $3500, unless you're willing to tackle a DIY Lenco rebuild. The Loricraft 501 mentioned by Stefanl would do it, but that's about $25K.
For me, the combination of table, tonearm, tonearm cable AND cartridge makes sound sampling a more complex and tougher task than simply injecting into the audio chain any of the other individual components such as preamp, amp or speakers. Relying on information and impressions of others thus becomes an even more important factor in consideration of that leading portion of the phono front end. Thanks very much to all , especially Dougdeacon, because his comments on Teres/Galibier help solidify my own predilections in regard to where I believe I will go.
You might keep an eye out for a used Maplenoll Ariadne Signature which would be in your budget and includes an air bearing linear tracking arm. See My System for pic and description.
Keep your eyes open for a used Micro Seiki RX 5000. Tough to find but worth the wait.