Denon3910 Exemplar 2008 same as 2006?

I've owned mine for two years, now. e-mailed Mr. Exemplar (John Tucker). He's [usually] a tad slow in returning emails. May have to call. But I was wondering if anyone knows if he has been tweaking his original 3910? Any upgrades? I know Alex, the APL man, is always working on improving his stuff. Just wondering if there is any Exemplar 3910 owners, like me, who have had their originals upgraded by John, and if so?--Your sonic impressions. thanks
Just FYI - Alex's latest improvements to the 3910 are 32 bit DACs, digital input, improved clock and wiring, and Class A tube output stage using Amperex NOS tube made in Holland. The sonics are pretty special, as you can imagine.
Alex, the APL man, needs to work on improving his customer relations. He has moved to Bulgaria and has not returned calls, emails, etc. for many months now....

One of the main reasons I purchased the Exemplar. Customer relations? BFD for this audiophool.
Your first sentence is correct - ALex does need to work on improving his customer relations with the general public. He realized this and that is why Brent Rainwater was his CS laison until several months ago when Brent had some health issues and had to quit.

Your second sentence, however,is incorrect. He returned both calls and e-mails to many of us in November and December up until x-mas week, and also worked on a number of our machines. These are just the facts, not rumors, not guesses.

In this crazy hobby, it takes all sorts, some more reliable than others. There are sometimes trade-offs involved in getting cutting-edge performance. While customer relations is important to me as well, I've never really had any problems with Alex. The few times a laser has gone out or I've done something stoopid (like trying to inadvertently put 2 cd's in at once...), he's always managed to get the repair work done promptly. I realize others may have different experiences than I, but those have been mine. In return, I am currently enjoying arguably some of the best digital front end sonics around, without having to break the bank or sell a kidney.
He has moved to Bulgaria and has not returned calls,
emails, etc. for many months now....

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Alex was at his Dixon, CA home in November and December as Fplanner2000
mentioned, and during that time he returned many emails (sent me one
unsolicited), filled back orders, and repaired my Denon 3910 (replaced the
laser assembly...a Denon issue, not an APL issue). He turned it around the
same day. He also offered to repair it at no charge, but I paid him anyway.

His customer service has been severely lacking during the past year, but it
seems perhaps he is turning this around.

I have no idea if he has permanently relocated to Bulgaria. He mentioned he
was coming back to the states in late Spring.

On a side note, Fplanner2000, it appears you have NWO SE upgrades in your
Denon, which I do not, therefore comparisons of our listening impressions
will undoubtedly differ.

Sorry for the hijack, but I thought it was important to offer some facts to set
the record straight as I know it.

Calling John Tucker has always worked better than emails in my experience
with him. He is likely busy getting ready for CES...with both his Exemplar
Audio line and his LSA Group collaborations.
good point, tvad. I'll give John a call after the CES. BTW, John is great (at least with me) returning voice mails. E-mails? forgeddabout it...