Denon vs. NAD home theater receiver

I am considering a 7 channel AV receiver that is in the $3,000-4,000 price. Soemwhat limited in space and don't want separates. Which would you recommend and which model? Any other suggestions at comparable price/ It's for family room, using Dynaudio speakers.
You will definitely be running those Dynaudio's as "small" on your reveiver, regardless of what you get! Lower sensitivity, lower impedance "passive" speakers will need all the help they can! - and a receiver is limited on current delivery! So be forewarned. That said, the Denon's likely will have more "Umphf(?)" to the sound, tremendous processing in the "Audyssey", as well as all the current niceties. Good luck
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The new Denons will also give you all the new audio codecs for Blu-ray (and HD DVD) the NAD's do not do these yet.
What about Onkyo or Integra? They were the first to have the latest codecs and full support for HDMI 1.3a, are well-reviewed, and Onkyo has long distinguished itself for incorporating toroidal power supplies and offering higher current delivery.
Negative...dollar per dollar, Denon and Harmon Kardon have ALWAYS had better current delivery than the Onkyo! Integra? - I've little to no experience. Sorry
Sound First. I say NAD. I am using NAD Masters (separates) with the Focus series and it is a very very nice combo.
Yeah, but if you're running "a load", receivers aren't going to be as strong, and the Denon has the nod here, IMO. I've blown 2 drivers in my older Thiel 2.3's running em on a separate, dedicated, 2 channel Classe CA-150 amp. And the drivers clipped becuase they ran out of current doing DD/DTS material through em! - and we're talking about driving demanding speakers like these with a RECEIVER!!!
Yes, I personally like the NAD sound, for certain - especially, for what it was, cost, etc.
Factor in quality control and, in this case, power needs, and I have to second guess the NAD. Could be wrong though, as I haven't kept up on NAD's current top receiver offerings. So, he needs to do some research.
Good luck
I would go Denon AVR4309ci - the NAD are too noisy, they have multiple fans that runs all the time - Good Luck!
Try the Onkyo 505 to 805 line. Just sweep a major shootout for a distinguished UK HT magazine.

You should check out the new Onkyo 905 and re assess you thoughts, the thing is really top notch and cheap to boot. I don't say this to antagonize you, but to enlighten you to the quality of this unit.