Denon vs. Denon was Kramer vs. Kramer


I am currently running a Denon 301 Mk. II. It is quite the cartridge. However, I now am wondering what I will gain/lose if I replace it with a Denon 103? I have posted a simular thread on Audioasylum as I'm looking for as many responses as I can get.

The Denon 300 series cartidges sound more contemporary than the 103, which is understandable since the 103 is over 40 years old now. However, contemporary isn't always an advantage. The 301 will sound incisive and track challenging passages very well. Its bass will be defined and tight. Transient detail will be impressive. Everything that gets credibility in contemporary hifi will be present.

The 103 will sound more like music. How else can I say it? You'll feel more relaxed listening to the 103. Tone, the way guitar players talk about tone, will be richer and more real. With a 103, more of the emotion of the music will be transcribed. The 301 is quite good relative to most other cartidges by other manufacturers, which are themselves too hifi, but the 103 will put a spotlight on this quality of the 301, by comparison.