Denon Universal

I don't know wich way to go. Denon has just introduced there new universal blu ray player wich plays all formats SACD etc etc... Do you think it's better to get a seperate redbook player such as Wadia or Ayre or just stick with one player?
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Long term I would go with a High quality Redbook player..Then maybe pick up a cheap used SACD ( if you feel the need )player in the used market...That would be my priority anyway.....
I need an SACD player/redbook and I need a Blu Ray player. I also know that people that have modded the previous Denon players ie 3910 have had great success. Wich brings me back to my original question.
Mlawitm, do you know the model# of the new Denon player?
I have been waiting for that to replace my 5910ci. I really want to do blu ray but wanted to use one player that does it all.
I read somewhere that the new Denon universal is expected to retail over $5k, if that's important.
The new Denon Blu Ray will be listed at 3800.00. It is on the front page at avs forum
The model number is Denon DVD-A1UD.
Oppo is apparently working on one, I wasn't too thrilled with their 981 HD (just sold it on craigslist) but if the price is right I may get this for my living room system as I don't play much audio and it will certainly see use for DVD and Blu-Ray.
IMHO, I would get a separate player for Blu-ray/DVD and a separate player for dvd/Sacd. I've never been a fan of mixing audio/video in one box. You can get an excellent blu-ray/DVD player for under $300 (Panny BD35). Use the balance of your budget on a top quality audio player. Just my .02