Denon Service... Yeah or Nay?

I am getting ready to trade my Marantz DV9500 up to a Denon DVD 5910. I have received excellent service from Marantz thru the years and am only trading because the performance of the Denon is so much better. But I have heard from a few that Denon service is, well not good. I have tried contacting them all week via phone and e-mail and no response. Any Denon owners out there wish to share your experiences? It would be greatly appreciated.
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i had a cd player serviced by denon and they were outstanding. it was a 12 year old player, though, and cost more than i should have put out. since you are buying a good quality product, why are you worried about the service?
Sorry I can't help you, my lone 15 year or so Denon piece has never needed service.
I love my DVD-5910. As far as customer support, I haven't needed it so far. Sorry. :(
I have owned three Denon products and none has needed service. My seven year-old AVR-3300 is still going strong.

Like you, I have heard bad things about Denon customer service over the years. The odds of your ever needing it, however, is slim (knock on wood.)
I sent my 5900 in for the DL3 upgrade. Turn around time was pretty good in my opinion. From the time I shipped the unit until the time I got it back was about 4 weeks. This is my only experience with Denon service. Hopefully, it will be my last.
I`m on my second 3910.I too could not get a hold of Denon so I retuened the first one & my dealer friend gave me another.Now 4 month`s old it has laser pick up issues & stops in the middle of the
disc on 1/2 the dvd`s Ifeed it.Great picture though.Im taking it back next week,maybe I`ll update to the 5910.The service tech says he talks to Denon allthe time.I told him he must have a priorty rating cause I was unable to get a response as you.
What ever you do, do not use Inner Sound out of Portland, Or. Take my word for it. Use the guys in Austin Tx.
(512) 458-8292
They fixed my problem quick, and cheap. The other guys had mine a long time and when i got it back, it was not fixed. but I had to pay. Grrr! It went back to them twice at 45 bucks a pop for shipping. I even told them what the problem was. The tech's in Texas said what the problem was after I told them the symptoms. They had it fixed & back to me in 1 week, and paid the return shipping. Not so the other place. Other than that, the player has had no other problems. Good Luck!
Thanks for the input. It seems as though they do not offer any real customer assistance. After owning McIntosh and Marantz I am used to being able to get answer. I only can remember one other manufacturer that I had trouble with and that was Naim. They answered the phone but the arrogance and rude way they handeled my call was enough to say no more Naim. I am hopeing to avoid that with Denon. And if they have treated a prospective customer this way maybe I should rethink this purchase. I just don't know what other Uni-Player in this price range to consider. I wish Marantz would offer a better video display. I compared the DV5910 to the McIntosh MVP861 but the video falls short there as well. Although the audio is superior to Denon. The Escoteric is more than I want to spend and haven't compared the video. Thanks again for all the input.
Rws1950 was that a warranty claim?
Had a 1600 dvd player. Went on the fritz a couple of months after the warranty expired. Fortunately I had bought the extended warranty! This is a scheme where the out-of-warranty work is sold and paid for by some insurance company, but the work is still done by Denon. Was told it would take 2 weeks and got the player back after 8. It lasted another 3 months. I tossed it in the garbage. Denon's first and last chance with me.
I bought an entry level Denon DVD 900(?) and a 5900.

The entry-level model played 1 single DVD then refused to recognize any further DVDs although it played CDs without problem. I returned it to the store after about a month. They were also the Denon service center in my area. Six months later after I started threatening them (Denon did not respond at all), they replaced the player without subsequent issues.

I do not use either player much since I am not at home much. After making some system changes I ran the 5900 with CDs for 24 hours on repeat - more CD than it had played up to that stage of it's live. When I sat down afterward to listen to my new setup... no CD. The Denon would play DVDs perfectly but could not recognize a single CD I tried. Switched it off for a day and now it plays maybe 1 in 10 CDs - simply acts as if there is not a CD in the drawer the rest of the time (after trying to read it first).

Did a little research and found that the Stereophile reviewer had exactly the same error with the 5900 review sample.

Denon's response? Nothing... to this day. The 5900 is a great machine when it works but it is the last Denon I will ever buy.

Denon service (and QA)? I think you have a better chance of finding the Loch ness monster...

I will gladly supply the SN# if anyone has any doubt, also my Pioneer 414(?) circa 1999 is still playing without a glitch and these days my children are using it on a daily basis.
You state "after six months" was it at the service center that long? That is so unacceptable. I think after reading some of these responces and that fact that Denon has still not responded to my e-mail, I will keep my current player and wait to something comes a long. I am sure Denon could care less, but eventually when they can't sell their equipment, they just might.
Yes. It was trapped in the twenonlight zone for six months. Actually, I never received it back - it was replaced. The local service center did not say whether it was lost, could not be fixed or...?

Unfortunately I have to agree. I do not think Denon could care less. Sad though, the 5910 would have been a great player to own if only it could be trusted.
Well maybe it is just as well. I see in the latest Absolute Sound that they expect a new format of hi-res in the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD formats. So I can buy these discs all over again. Thank God the vinyl still plays at 33.3 or 45.