Denon Service in Pine Brook, NJ

Has anyone ever had to deal with the Denon's service department in NJ? I dropped off a DVD5900 because the DVI was not enabled. I was told that unit most likely required a firmware upgrade. Fine I left the unit. I called the next day to find out the cost of the upgrade. I was told it would take about 2 weeks to provide and estimate and 3-4 weeks to perform the service.

Am I wrong to believe this is unacceptable customer service? Also, the clerk that took the information was rude and unprofessional. She could not answer my questions and was reluctant to let me talk to a tech that could. I was told to call the 800 # but I was standing in the U.S. Corporate Headquarters where tech support was located. What kind of experiences any had dealing with Denon?

By comparison to McIntosh, Marantz, Ayre I personnaly find that Denon service sucks. I had purchased a 5910 and had a problem with it reading discs. I was told "if it isn't pouring forth white smoke, I wouldn't worry about it!"
3500 dollar investment and that was a solution? I returned it for refund. I continued to call because I liked the performance of the machine and was hoping for a good answer. I finally was forwarded to a service tech that gave me a good answer that made sense, and he appologized for the way it was handeled. I went back and bougt a 3910 which works fine, but I have a few questions and again the people at Denon seem as though a customer is a necessary evil at best. I am not sure if I would buy any more Denon products.