Denon Receiver vs Adcom preamp

I am cosidering using a Denon Avr-1709 to replace my Adcom Gtp-880 preamp,will I notice a difference in Quality? I will be using a Sunfire amp.Thanks,Rick
My best guess would be the DACs' in the Denon would be better than those in the Adcom, but everything else in the adcom would be better than the Denon. If your using the Denon mainly for a pre-amp it may sound much better. I'm pleasently surprised as to how good my Onkyo 905 sounds using it for a pre!

What are your reasons for wanting to switch to the Denon?
Hey thanks,I want the new surround formats plus I need a remote for the adcom.
Yes, those new hi-rez bluray audio codecs are GREAT! FYI- I had a Denon AVR3808ci and was not very pleased with its ease of use or features. I was happy with the sound, but returned it and got the Onkyo and could not be happier. FWIW-