Denon "Universal Blue-ray" DVD-A1UDCi, $4,500

There you do, newest just came out from Denon DVD-A1-UDci.
Is this a steroid model from Denon DVD-3800BDci, $2K? It'll read SACD, CD, and BLue-ray, nice! Also, Oppo has one too, BDP-83 for $500. Are these the only first 2 universal player up to date? How much longer Krell, Ayre, and many other hi-end companies will come out with one?

I'm not into Home Theater or Blue-ray just yet but thought I'd share the info, I'm sure this is an old news to s/o.
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Dear Nasaman,
Call me crazy, but I still do my Music and Movies separate. I am using a Universal Player that plays SACD,DVD-AUDIO, DVD-VIDEO, and CD. It does SACD, and DVD-AUDIO, excellent! If these Formats finally disappear, its Digital out for CD sounds excellent with my DAC. I am also paying a professional to install Balanced Output Analog Stages for SACD, and DVD-AUDIO on this Player. He is also installing a Balanced Digital Output for CD, which will be perfect for my DAC. I am strickly using this Universal Player for 2-Channel Audio only, and it doesn't sound bad at all, even before these modifications. I picked this Universal Player up real cheap for $275.00, it was on sale because of the expected demise of SACD/DVD-AUDIO Formats. They are still pumping out Disc's though.
I use another inexpensive DVD-Player for Movies. When, and if DVD-VIDEO gets replaced by BLUE RAY, I can replace this player with a single disc Blue Ray Player.
I can still listen to my existing SACD, DVD-AUDIO Disc's, as well as my CD's. Replacing my Video Format will not affect my Music Audio.
I am not sure that going for a SACD, CD, and BLUE RAY Universal Player is the way to go. I am also not sure about a SACD, DVD-AUDIO, DVD-VIDEO, CD, and BLUE RAY Universal Player will be the way to go either. That is putting way too many eggs in one basket, but that appears to be the way we are going. Any improvement in playing back any one of those Formats could make such a Universal Player obsolete.
Everyone is entitled to their own personal choice, but I choose NOT to give these Manufacturers that much sway over my purchasing decisions. I will continue to keep my Music and Movies separate, despite their best attempt to combine everything for the sole purpose of making more profit. These Profits have to come from some place, they are not born in a vacuum. Making you throw out multiple collections of multiple Audio/Video Formats to replace everything with the latest and greatest, that is just too much Power in one's hands. BLUE RAY becomes obsolete, that leaves all of us at someones tender mercy. I don't think that they are going to be very compassionate about it!
I bought the Oppo BDP-83 for $500 about a month ago and am very happy with it. The stereo analog outputs sound very very good for both RB and SACD. Plus it automatically down-mixes MCH content out these RCA jacks. Eventually I'll have it modded. For now, I'm very happy with it's audio capabilities.
McIntosh will have one later this fall. based I am sure on a lot of the Denon peice but I am sure they will add their signature sound to it. I hope to see more. For me I have but one set of 6 channel inputs on my MX135 and it does not process the new DTS-HD or Dolby HD codecs. So I am seriously considering trading my Denon 5910ci in on the A1USci. Just as soon as the stimulus kicks in that is.
Can you write a very quick comparasion in regard of video and sound quality of your new Oppo-83 with any of your DVD's? Thanks
Let's see, $4,500 to add Blu-ray when you can buy the Denon 2500 for less than $400??? I'll run multiple players especially as my pre/pro does the new codecs.
Here are my reviews of the Oppo BDP-83 vs my older audiophile CDPs:

I'm not a videophile so I'll just say that it is very highly regarded for both BD and DVD video display.