Denon pure direct mode as preamp?

Hi guys,

While I am still shopping for a preamp to complete my system. I will be using a Denon AVR-21** to feed my power amp. I am using it as a DAC for CD/SACD player and volume control that's all. Simple!

Has anyone tried its pure direct mode to feed your power amp? I hope it isn't that awful... Does the pure direct mode works in a preamp setting?

m currently usng a denon avr3300 (and previously used a 4803) in pure direct wth a rotel amp as a preamp in a secondary system. t's convenient because of digital ins, video switchng et. al., but has never sounded very good--somewhat flat and lacking in dynamic bloom. all thngs considered, you'll be surprised how much thngs improve when you get your preamp,
It should work fine and sound better.