Denon PRA S10 preamp & POA S10 monoblocks

Denon PRA S10 preamp & POA S10 monoblocks
Any experiences, please?

Thanx for readin'!

Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia, Europe.

Very nice well respected balanced high end from Denon with full function remote.
Superb for the money (and much more).
A warm liquid sound (almost with tubey sweetness)
but dynamic and with plenty of power reserve.
Used on big speakers that drop below 3 Ohms that need
plenty of power to come alive and they never disappointed me.
A very integrated system that will suit almost all needs(phono pre mm/mc,remote,monos power on from pre,XLR inputs/outputs etc etc).Will make a wonderful all Denon
system with S10 tuner ,cd,md.
Classy clean cut looks and built to last.
Nothing that Denon makes today equals them...
Usually sell for around 500-750 euro for the pre and 1200-1500 euro for the two monos depending on condition.
A friend with AVM monoblocks + pre sold them after hearing mine and commended that Denons in his system sound far more musical and powerfull!He got them all for 2000 euro...
Bought the three part system from Denon NA HQ back in 1995 I believe. They are built to last and the sound is very warm and expansive. They have incredible power as I run a pair of 3.8ohm speakers. Denon built these as a special project for those audiophiles that couldn't afford their reference S1's at $20,000 US/each. The S10 amps are well matched to the S10 pre-amp but sound wonderful with any good pre-amp. These are workhorses and well worth picking up for the long-term.