Denon POA-2800 vs. Sony TAN-90ES


Which one of these power amplifiers do you recommend based on your experience?

The DENON is more powerful and cheaper and provides a deep and powerful bass. But won't the SONY have a much more refined sound, especially with a much better midband?

Sony, are you implying that you could be swayed from your namesake? Shame, shame shame.
I think im one of the only people in the world who still has a denon poa-2800. i was pretty damn suprised when i saw this thread.

Personally i really like the Denon. Im getting it back from the repair shop tomorrow, some loose solder connections on the power supply were causing a +5V DC offset.
Good times.

Anyways, cannot comment on the sony, Im using a denon avr 3805 as a pre/pro and the difference in sound using the amp vs the reciever is pretty strong.

I cannot compare it to the sony, but i find the midrange pretty refined in the denon. The bass is great, nice and fast. For the price range i personally think it is a hell of a bargain. I know i will eventually upgrade to something a bit more high end, but for now im completly happy with the POA-2800

System = Denon 3805, Denon DVD2900, Denon POA-2800, JMlab Chorus 707s, Velodyne DLS-4000........
During its day, the Denon Piece Of Ass 2800 was a highly regarded amp.
I like the 2800 enough that when i do upgrade it will be for a pretty damn good amp. maybe a bryston 4b or something.
Hey Chris,

In all honesty, I'm not sure you'd prefer the Bryston over the Denon. It really depends on taste, but I have an older Bryston and I don't like it as my main two channel amp. I use it mainly for subwoofer duty. That being said, the newer Brystons are supposed to be much more refined.


Thay very well may be the case. I have never heared bryston, but they seem to have a wicked reputation. In general i prefer a jack of all trades and master of none.
Chris, aren't you using the POA-2800 for both 2 channel and movie viewing? The Bryston 4B does have a lot of power and it does bass really well. Are those attributes you're looking for? Something you feel the Denon lacks?
Yeah it is pulling double duty... hahaha... i said doodie...

High power is not the biggest concern, the speakers i have are 92db i think, and they are only rated for 125w, the Denon is 200wpc.
I wouldnt mind dropping in power for something about 150w, tight fast defined bass is definatly a must. Im really not sure what im looking for in an amp yet. Something that can drive hard and not break a sweat, yet is still capable of subtle detail while listening at low levels.

Honestly, i have the feeling the Denon will be in my system for at least another year. Gonna be dumping a lot of money landscaping the backyard, replacing windows, and getting the hottub running and building a gazeebo around it. Not much money left over for audio after mortgage, car payment, utilities and landscaping supplys.

Maybe next year i will look into replacing it, once the whole home improvement thing settles down a bit. (grin)
Wait for a nice mint Threshold SA2 (or SA3; not sure of the model) which is a pure class A 50 wpc amp...about 800 or so...wonderful amp for the money and more than enough power for your speakers
Haven't heard the TAN90ES.
The POA-2800 is an excellent all-rounder with enough power reserve for most loads. Bass is amazing - deep, with slam.
Frequency response is perfect.

Now, in terms of clarity and detail, it is not a Pass Aleph, but, then again, neither is the price comparable!
Sony, That about nails down the Denon POA-2800 pretty good.

I have the Sony TAE-9000ES and TAN-9000ES for HT duties and they lived up to my expectations. They perform admirably well in my Home Theater setup. However, they couldn't hold a candle light when it comes down to 2-channel. I have the Plinius SA-100MkIII and having done a side by side evaluation with the TAN-9000ES, I rate the Sony very lowly when it comes to 2-channel listening.

I haven't heard of the Denon but I presume they would sound better than the Sony. My apologies if you are a Sony fan.
I am a hi-end stereo buff with referance CJ tube pre-amp
and power amp and speakers. I bought a Sony DVP-NS999ES dvd/sacd player with multi-channel analog outputs. I have a multi-channel amp to hander the CC and SR. I am trying to find a Sony TA-P9000TA pre-amp. This pre-amp has the 5.1
inputs and a 2-channel pass-through so the the CJ will still control the FL & FR speakers when I need to play
my none-SACD CDs. Any information on haw I can obtain this
unit. Sony no longer makes this unit...george60s