Denon POA-200 Powrr Amp: One channel getting hot?

Hey everyone -

A while back i got hold of a broken Denon POA-2200 power amp: I've always wanted one. I took it to pieces and found dry joints on the same transistor on both left and right channels. I re-soldered the joints and it works fine and sounds great!!

BUT: one of the channels is running hotter than the other: this can't be right surely? Each channel board has a large heatsink. When I repaired the amp I made sure I used new insulators and compound on the transistors...... Now, the right channel's heatsink is stone cold, the left channel's heatsink is very warm after 20 minutes. Not too hot to touch, but very warm.

Surely this can't be right? Any ideas?

Any help appreciated!! Ort if someone can suggest a better forum for the question, please do.

Did you get a service manual for it? The bias is probably not set correctly.
Visualsound is correct, the bias is out of adjustment on one channel. I ran into the same thing recently on an older amp. I recommend having a technician check it.
Bias on both channels need to be checked, as well as DC offset. The channel that is "stone cold" should at least be running warm. I have the service manual for the POA-2200. If a copy is needed,e-mail me at the following address: