Denon POA 1500 To drive 4ohm 86 dB Dynaudio 42se bookshelves

The rear of my Denon POA 1500 has an impedance of between 8-16 ohms yet the Dyn's are 4ohms.The Dyn's are a temporary option until I have my other speakers. I don't play at high volumes but need to check the risk involved. Suggestions welcomed
Thank You
The rear of that Denon says A or B 4-16 ohms and A and B 8-16 ohms. If you are using one pair of 4 ohm speakers there is no problem!
Hey, thanks for your reply.I've just checked and it definitely says A or B 8-16 Ohms A+B 16 Ohms
Ill take a pic and post it .My one runs on 230v but didnt think that would make a difference
You don’t have to take a picture. If the 230V version says to use 8 ohm speakers then you should only use 8 ohm speakers. You can give it a try and see if the amp does not shut down. Here is the owners manual!
Many thanks, yogiboy its been great help and I'm just going to change the speakers in my temporary setup. The manual is of great value to me and the (sorry they were 52 Ses rather than 42)will be looking for a better match.Thanks againPhil