Denon POA-1500 Stereo Amp

I am going to demo a semi vintage(80's plus)Denon POA-1500(150w/ch) stereo amp this Sunday. Found on C-list($235.00) and it appears from photos to be in excellant condition. I will be using it in conjunction with a Marantz 2252b to power a pair of Klipsch Forte's. I might consider using my Luxman R-115 as the preamp with this amp. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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I have not used them but they had a good reputation. The Japanese have always made good sounding products alongside their mass market products but they are often overlooked because of the former. I would get them if they were in good condition.

I used a POA 1500 amp with a PRA 1000 preamp years ago. Very beautiful music from that pair. The reason I ceased using the POA 1500 was restricted current delivery. It would "crackle" when used at any reasonable volume with a speaker whose impedance dipped much below 8 ohms.

I am not personally familiar with the Klipsch speakers you are using, but if they are as efficient as many Klipsch speakers are then it may be a great combo.

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Will work well with Klipsch, but the amp is overkill. Just a matter of time and you blow out that speaker.
Thanks for all responses. How about using it to power a pair of Klipsch RF-63's? The 63's have a dip to 2.8 ohms @40 hertz. Do you think that it would be overkill with them. They are rated at 175w. I currently have a 200w/ch B&K Ref 4430 powering the 63's and an RC-64 center. I have used the B&K with the Forte's with no ill effects.

I can see no reason why the amp would damage the speakers. I have never damaged a speaker with too much power not known anyone in their right mind who did but have known several who damaged them with too little power. Speakers rated at 50 watts can take many times that on peaks. If you refrain from acts like dropping the stylus on the record with the gain turned up all the way or rewinding tape with the gain up or various other things that you would think no one would ever do but I have known done you will be fine. If I were to have a chance at them I would get them to drive a pair of the smallest Epos that are currently being driven by 150 watt monos. I suspect the Klipch will take more power than the Epos.
Denon made some very nice gear in the early '90s. I have, and continue to use, the PRA-1500 preamp with my Odyssey mono block setup into Thiel CS3.5, as well as a PMA-520 integrated fed with a DCM-777 cd player. The unit in question, POA-1500, has a great deal of cool factor with the oversized meters and is very good quality for mass market. A similar amp would be the Onkyo M-504. The speakers you will be driving are very efficient and do not require the kind of power this amp can put out, but it should be fine. In addition, the Klipsch are forgiving of amp quality and, though they would benefit from better quality amplification available at higher prices, I think you will have a good match there.
Forgot to mention the service manual for this unit is available for $5 from