Denon PMA-2500NE or similar "do it all" integrated in US?

I like my current setup- Vincent SV-237, Jolida JD9 II phono amp, Music Hall MMF-7.1 with a Goldring G2400, and Ohm Walsh 3’s (slightly modded). I’ve had the Vincent longer than I’ve ever owned a piece of gear; however, after moving twice in the last 18 months, I’m downsizing (plus, I live in NYC). Not just the stereo- pretty much everything in life. But, I want to have fewer cables, components, and shipping boxes. Granted, I’m just looking to lose the phono amp and headphone amp (and boxes) but that’s what I want to do.
I was planning on buying a Yamaha A-S2100 (used or refurb), but haven’t found a silver one at the right price. I just came across the Denon PMA-2500NE, and it seems to have everything I want (TONE CONTROLS*, discrete headphone circuit, discrete phono amp), but it also has the ability to do digital in case I decide to go that route, which is likely. Apparently, the DAC is pretty nice and not an afterthought.
However, this is a JDM piece and not available in the US. I’m considering buying a SUT, but figured I’d ask for opinions (or, if anyone is familiar with this Denon).

The only amps I know of in this price range are Parasound and Rotel and I don’t like either of those (compared to the Denon).

*My last amp without tone controls was a Rogue Tempest II (similar to The Pharoah, if you aren’t familiar). I liked it but missed the ability to tweak the sound on certain records. Blasphemy, I know.
Hi, whay do you mean with  bass management?

Any thoughts you can share on the best bookshelfs / FS you
found best with the PMA 1600 NE
The 2500NE gets great press here in Europe, and the dac is said to be very good, should be a safe buy.
Detin Denon PMA 1500ne  am folosit  Dac intern iesirea prin USB cu cablu  QED Reference High Resolution USB (A-B) , dar prefer placa de sunet din PC  analogica   ASUS STX 2 modificata cu   Op-amp 2 x MUSES01 si 1x MUSES02 in buffer. si cablu QED Signature Audio 40  sunetul este mai natural mai cald comparativ cu Dac intern denon. De curand am schimbat cablu de boxe cu QED Supremus la lungimea de 2m iar acum sunetul curge lin frumos larg ,profund natural. Dac aveti posibilitatea financiara Denon PMA 2500 ne se merita  pt muzica clasica