Denon PMA-2000 IVR and Focus 140

I have a Denon PMA-2000 Intergrated amp and am looking at the Dynaudio Focus 140s. Let me know what you think for a smaller compact system.

I'm sure there are quite a few people out there shaking their heads about Denon in this situation. Let me assure you this Denon is NOT what you think! The Denon has a ton of headroom and control over the 140s. This combination is wonderful for someone looking for a smaller main system or a second system. I find myself listening to this system more than my main system which costs many, many times more than this one. Also, I have DVD-A and SACD on this system which is a much added bonus. The PMA-2000 is derived from Denon's top shelf seperates and for someone looking for a reasonably priced Intergrated, they should seriously look at this piece. The Focus 140s speak for themselves and have gotten great reviews.
I agree, I've owned amps costing 5x the PMA-2000IVR that I haven't enjoyed nearly as much. I've moved it into my main system at this point - it's just fantastic and the phono section outperforms any integrated phono section I've ever heard - Musical Fidelity, Creek, whatever... this thing just plays beautiful music!