Denon or Yamaha vs Other CD Transports

Wanted to get opinions on the Denon DCD 1600NE and Yamaha CD-S1000 versus other higher end transports.
These 2 units are roughly around the same price (on Yamaha’s website they show a price drop from $1800 to $1300).
I like the fact that they support SACD.
I have been seeing much feedback on the Jay’s Audio CDT-MK2 Tranport and also the Nuprime, which are pricier.
But I wonder if they are that much better? They do not do SACD but I suppose that would be as I do not have that many SACD’s anyway. They do support I2S connection but my current DAC does not support that but perhaps in the future I upgrade that too.
Currently I am using a Denon DBP-1600 (universal blu ray player) as a CD Transport.

I am sure the Denon and Yamaha would be a big improvement over the blu ray player but I am assuming the Jay Audio would be a huge improvement.
One more question, my current DAC is the Questyle CMA400i.
If I were to get the Jay' Audio Transport, would it be beneficial to go through my dac or straight from the transport to the IA.
You need a special output on a transport to send the signal from SACD to the dac. Otherwise, you are listening to the CD layer of the disk, not the SACD layer. Make sure the dac has the proper input. Usually it is a hdmi Input or a i2 squared input.  I don’t know of any inexpensive dac’s that have those inputs.  
The 2 transports he mentions state that they play SCAD 2 channel stereo, they don't have special outputs
The Denon and Yamaha are CD *players*.  You need to distinguish between players and transports.  Jays is a transport.  Most players can be used as transports if they have a digital out (Red Book standard), but you're wasting money on the built-in DAC that is unused.
There are threads on Audiogon on using certain Oppo's with certain outputs to send SACD.
But basically, if you want to play SACD, you're looking at SACD-capable players (which I'd guess is 1/3 or 1/4 of all CD players).

Thanks for your input. I was not aware that their is a difference between a player and transport.
So a CD Transport has strictly digital outputs (no dac built in) and a player has a DAC built in (which may or may not be that great I am understanding now).
If I were to go with the Jay's Audio Transport, looks like the only output I would be able to utilize is the digital coax as my dac does not have a i2s or aes input.
I am sure it would be a big improvement over my current bluray player but I feel I may not be taking full advantage of the transport.
But I could eventually update the dac down the line I guess.


Yes, it's kind of complicated.  There are a few dedicated transports more expensive than the Jays, and several less expensive.  Each model has a different set of outputs.  A good number of people use players as transports; some seem to work very well.  There are long threads on the forum discussing the various transports currently available.

I'm pretty sure there are gizmos out there that will input one type of connection and output another.  As I favor one-box players I'm not super-conversant with them.  But take a look at this thread for starters.

Wow, I keep rediscovering my age. In following this thread and finding the thread mentioned by twoleftears above, after reading down that thread I discovered I was the one that originally posted it. Sometimes one must laugh at one's self! 

I am still interested in the the use of the I2S interface. There is a pin allocation issue when HDMI is used, though most transports/DACS use the PS audio format if I am not mistaken.  
The PS Audio transport has the I2S and the Wyred4sound dac’s also accept the I2S input. 
Yes, and they use the same HDMI pin configuration I believe. As does the Audio Mirror DAC (same as PS Audio).