Denon or Pioneer for HT

Which way should I go? Looking at Denon 5308ci and Pioneer SC-09 TX . Will be used for HT only, have good stero system for my music. Need your help.
Both are excellent receivers, but each sounds different. Go listen and see which YOU like best.
Depending on your speaker and room needs, Denon for more neutral to analytical sounding speakers, and Pioneer for more rounded off, laid-back sounding speakers. So it depends.
Also, the Denon has the superior Audyssey MultEQ DSP circuit, which raises the sonic experiece to another level over other competing systems, all things equal. And, since most every single acoustically small domestic room needs EQ'ing of some sort, that is a deal maker for me! I'd go Denon. Good luck
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The SC09 uses the Dual SHARC EX + Freescale DSP Engines which are outstanding. I listened to the SC09 playing through the Theil 3.7's and it sounded great - had a less analytical and more musical / analog sound compared to other SS electronics I have heard.