denon or nad cd players opinion please

I am looking at the Nad 24 bit model C540. I own a fairly dated denon 20 bit model with denon's super linear converter and alpha processor. I listen to a lot of old classical recordings and I frequently transfer them to cassette tape. I was wondering if the Nad is a good choice.
Thanks for your opinion.
Get a decent transport and pair it with the ScottDixon DAC. You will be able to do this for less than 1K, and get stunning sound. Simple CD player or CD player acting as transports do not seem to make the cut any more these days. A supposedly great CDP/Transport seems to be the belt driven Parasound 2000, that goes for about $650, there are two for sale here. If you do not have the money to spend in a separate DAC, it can play meanwhile with its own DAC section...but for better resolution, a separate DAC is on call. No NAD will ever compete. It is time to up the ante.
I have never been a fan of NAD cdps...a bit thin and uninvolving for my tastes...although their amps are absurdly good for the this price range I would consider a MusicHall or Cambridge audio player...both highly respected players...and both found on with a 30 day trial...over monkeying with cables,dacs,and transports at your price point...for whats its worth...I have a new sony cd/dvd/sacd unit that sounds very good with all formats... most of the newer cd/dvd 24/192 units sound awesome...although hi-enders will tend to disagree...