Denon link cable

Can anyone confirm as to whether the Denon link cable is a specialty cable or a standard cat5? I saw a thread on this but can't remember where.

The Denon link IS a special cable . You cannot use a 'normal' cable, as it does not work. Denon must have switched some wires around from one end to the other to make certain they get to sell the overpriced special "Denon link" cables.
I own a Denon DVD5910 and a Denon 4806 and use the Denon Link.
I own a 5910 too, but never used the cable for its intended purpose; in fact it is still in its plastic wrap. I wonder, though, why so many bashing Denon online? I may try using the Denon Link cable as a standard cat5 for ethernet purposes just out of curiosity, since I do not have a Denon receiver to link with. I cannot imagine Denon going through all the trouble of switching wires around, other than maybe as an ethernet crossover cable.
Will post results of my curiosity soon.
Well, done with my experiment. I stand corrected!

It does appear to be a proprietary cable after all; neither standard nor crossover.

Hmmm . . . that explains why Denon CAN ask $500 for their "Ultra Premium" but does not explain why they SHOULD.

OTOH, Fiery / Splash marks up their "proprietary" parts, like hard drives, 1000%

Thanks one and all.