Denon Heos-Can It connect via internet?

Denon Heos RE3.  I want to pick up music streaming via internet not bluetooth.  Instructions are unclear if this is possible.  Cannot get it to pair with my phone for control of the Heos.  I would only be using the Heos for music streaming via wire to my integrated amp.  If Heos does not p/u via internet than what units do that?  Confused. Thanks.
So I tried to look into this but can’t find the model RE3.
I've a funny feeling "RE3" is a remote extender which is only for amplifying the wireless signal. Can you confirm the #?

If it’s one of the wireless speakers, you need to connect it over Bluetooth to your phone or laptop. Then you can stream music from Tidal, YouTube, Spotify, MP3, etc. on your phone/laptop to the Heos.
it is a music streaming device.  heoslink  sre3
ok. Download the Heos app from your phone's app store.
did that. It won't connect.  I am done with the heos. Thanks