Denon DVD5910 1080p upgrade? anyone have it?

The Denon DVD-5910 has an upgrade to 1080p available from the Denon Co. ($300).
Has anyone sent their 5910 in for the upgrade, and is it worth doing?
And just how DOES the Denon DVD5910 do this (with the upgrade in place?
(I just bought a new one from a local Denon dealer for $1,800. and wondered if it is worth the $300. I would suppose the upgrade is a limited time offer... and some day I might curse myself for not getting it... after tv's have a 1080p input...)
The only software that I'm aware of that has a native output of 1080p is the extremely limited (at this time) BlueRay stuff. Unless the Denon up converts and you have or plan to get video source that can accomodate 1080p I don't know if there is much real value in the upgrade. On the other hand it might add to its resale value, which I kinda doubt unless further upgrades are made available.
The Denon does only 1080i as it is.
The 'new DVD-5910ci does 1080p.
An upgrade is available via Denon (for $300) to upgrade the DVD-5910 to the DVD-5910ci so it too has a 1080p output.
So THAT is the question: is it worth $300.?
I only PAID $1,800. for the player locally, The dealer had FIVE in stock and was desperate to sell them!! So $300 more is, well, more! not like I had the cash for this thing @ List $3,500.!!!!!)
I KNOW no TV's now accept any 1080p input, but pretty soon they will... And I want to know if it is worth blowing $3small on it. (I am CERTAIN that this upgrade is a very 'limited time' offer from Denon. Three months from now I will just cry because it is too late, If it is worth doing.)
I would not do the upgrade. It will be upconverted to 1080P. IMHO good 1080I/60 is marginally better than good 480P/60. I think the diff would be too small to worry about. Also someday (hopefully sooner than later) we will have true HD 1080P in Blue Ray and/or HD DVD. These players will have a phenomenal HD pq and probably a better upconverted pq than the Dennon for probably close to the price of the upgrade your speaking of. You can already buy the Toshiba HD player for under $500.00. I owned this player for a short time and the pq was outstanding on my 133" diag screen unfortunately it had a few to many bugs that need to be worked out so I returned it. As soon as the bugs are remedied I will pick another up but Im really hoping for a combo player. Another factor is your display size. I personally do not see a ton of improvement in upconverted pq until about the 60" size. Hope this helps.
Actually some current sets have 1080p inputs.
Considering that native DVD resolution is only 480p at best I guess I don't see the point.
Thanks Braro,
I just do not think the hi-res formats will take off.
The Denon for me,is so I have the 'top of the line' DVD player to play DVDs.
Certainly in five years the hi res may be sorted out, and a player would be in order. But they would NOT play a standard res DVD better than my 5910.
I have a Pioneer LD-2 Laserdisc player. The output sucks comepared to DVD, until I turn on the Sony Plasma 4x density, then the LD's look pretty good. (The severe grainyness is gone!)
And I suppose in a few years I would get a 60" 1980x1000 pixel tv with ...?
Anyway, the Denon does a god job now, and I hope will continue to do so for the 600 DVDs I have no plans on replacing with Hd or blu-ray
(like the 100 or so Laserdiscs that I can't replace with DVDs. I keep two LD players around. The LD-2 and a 3070.)
That's why I bought an Oppo player for $200 and its picture is better than that of the Denon 3910 that I used to own. My advise is not to spend too much money on DVD players as they might become obsolete once HD-DVD/Blue Ray takes off.
I recently spoke to a Denon representative and he thinks Denon will keep the 5910 in it's lineup after they bring out a new Blu-Ray or Hi Def player because it is so good and is a universal player. I have considered one for myself.
I'm not a techie. I just want to know if it's worth buying this dvd player, and if I can buy a region-free version of it. i just spoke to a tech person of usa denon and he told me that all the dvd players in usa is required to be region 1. Is there a possibility of getting a region-free from other countries (from europe?) or they simply don't manufacture it.

How about modifying it. Is it worth the risk?