Denon DVD2910 or ARCAM DV78/79???

I'm in the market for a new DVD player for my system. I own an ARCAM CD93 cd player and found it to be amazing, so naturally, I decided to look at an ARCAM DVD players as well. Does anyone here have any experience with the ARCAM players? ARCAM has two currently DVD players, the DV78 and the much more expensive DV79 (with HDMI input, etc). Is the DV79 that good to justify the price difference between the two units? I've also been looking at the Denon DVD 2910, which seems to have all the features of the more expensive ARCAM unit and then some (and also costs considerably less than either of the two ARCAM units!). The UK audio magazines I've been reading rates all of these DVD players as being very good. My HD plasma tv can take the HDMI connection but I'm not sure if HDMI is really that much better. Any input you can provide to help me make my decision would be greatly appreciated! Should I be looking at any other brands?
Assuming technology has trickled down to these Arcam models from the FMJ DV27. I would go with the Arcam if I had to choose between the two.I have a friend who is a dealer for Denon, so I've heard or played with all their models which are nice.The Arcams are a couple of steps ahead IMHO.The Denon stock machine doesn't have the depth or refinement in the music department(kinda 2 dimensional).Video on both machines are very good.For movies either machine will probably fit the bill. So if just for movies go with the Denon.If for music and movies go with Arcam.

Good Luck!
I've owned Denons and evaluated the current stuff. I have an Arcam now. The Denon players have lots of features for the money. The Arcams have performance.
Stock Denon Vs. Stock Arcam=Arcam all day for music.
I just received ARCAM 79 (2 months ago). Did not evaluate Denon but have had mid end other players. ARCAM blew all away for sound and video. WIFE NOTICED (hi compliment). Wasserson was great after sale support.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I ended getting the ARCAM FMJ DV27....Amazing DVD player...and sound that rivals the ARCAM Diva CD92 that I own (CD93 in earlier post was a typo!)