Denon DVD-757

Anyone got any experience with the Denon DVD-757 - mainly interested in audio quality.
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I use one in my system currently and it's performed admirably - especially for the price tag (I got mine on a clearance sale for about $240). I'd venture that most people on this forum would recommend you look at the OPPO DV-981 - about $229 with comparable electronics. Though I have no basis to make a comparison, I would think the Denon transport system is a little better (a plus if you intend to add an independent DAC - which I'm looking into now). Also, if you use HDMI to hook it up (TV or surround receiver), it has a neat "pure stream" feature that turns off all the HDMI overhead and puts all resources to audio.

Performance on Redbook CD is about what you would expect for this price range - listenable, but not seductive. Performance on hi resolution disks is a little better with SACD than DVD-A in my opinion - though the SACD format is natively sharp to my ear and I prefer the DVD-A format (NOTE, I've had difficulty with my Steely Dan Gaucho DVD-A disk skipping the initial half second or so of each track, though I've not run into any other problem disks).