Denon DVD-5900 vs DVD-3910

Right now used 5900 and 3910 are going for around $800-$900. Which of these players has better 2ch analog stereo? Better video?

Are there any other Universal players in this price range which would deliver better 2ch analog audio?
From my research before I traded the 3910 in on a 5910CI is that the 5900 has a better audio section. And they both are equivalant in video. You can download the specs and manuals at and pull up the 5900 in archives.
IMHO, the video differences between the 3910 and th 5910 are greater than their audio differences.

Did you mean the 3910 and the 5900? This is the comparison I'm interested in knowing about.
I was responding to another post by Theo. I cannot recall the 3910/5900 video differences but the 5910 stood apart from both.

Kr4, yes the 5910 is much more machine than the 3910. I traded the 3910 in on the 5910CI. The 5910CI was also capable of the 1080P, if I can only find the right TV now.
But I beleive the 5900 and 3910 are pretty much the same with a few improvements in audio.
If you don't mind I would like to know how the audio compared between the Denon 9000, 3910, 5900, and the 5910?
I heard the 5910 is like the 9000 in audio but which is better?
I believe the Denon DVD-5900 has a better transport, beefier power supply, and more solid/heavy build quality which improves damping and noise problems. All these improvements will yield better audio results over the less expensive DVD-3910. The DVD-5900 was once the flagship player from Denon (until the 5910 came out) so a lot of effort was put into this unit. The DVD-3910 is a lower model, although still good, I would still give the edge to the DVD-5900.

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