Denon DVD-5000 or Pioneer Elite DV-09 ????

I was wondering does anyone know which one of these players is better? Know anything about either of these players?

i have the 09 and i can tell you it has a kick but picture and very good sonics i do not know about the denon though. from what i have heard from a friend who has an 09 as well he said the denon was not that great. you also might want to consider a sony 9000 as well.
The Pioneer is a fine piece but you can get better for the same amount for what they go for. the Denon is are most all Denon DVD players. Unreliable, noisy and underperforming. Consider a Toshiba SD-9200 or the 9000ES Sony. Both are really great units and the Toshiba can be had for around $550.
Sony 9000es would be my choice over those two.
Check out the fllowing link. I think you will be quit supprised at the reviewers and results. They did extensive tests which have been done in 2000 and 2001 on current products. Good info.
Thanks I was looking at the 9000es but I don't need progressive or sacd and the Sony's are going for about 300 dollars more than the 09. The toshiba sounds interesting though?
I have the DV09 and the 9000ES. If you don't care for SACD and progessive then the DV09 is a better machine. The DV09's picture is richer and audio has a larger soundstage when using its digital output and S video out. I didn't compare audio in analog between the two machines. I did compare the 9000ES's analog output using a cd to a Krell KPS30i cd player. As expected, the Krell was much better. The 9000's SACD audio is very impressive - better than Krell's CD.