Denon DVD-2910 HDMI - having trouble

I've had a DVD-2910 for quite a while now but just got a new TV so I can use its HDMI out.

It's not working though. I ran an HDMI cable from the 2910 to my TV (Samsung UN40ES6100) HDMI input. The TV never recognizes it, and the DVD player display just keeps flashing HDMI 480 (or any other setting) in the lower right corner. The manual states that the flashing means it's trying to connect.

I've done a factory reset to defaults but no change. Neither of the HDMI settings of Y Cb Cr or R G B makes a difference.

I tried connecting a new Samsung Blu-Ray player that I got with the TV and it works perfectly so I'm pretty sure it's on the DVD-2910 side.

Any thoughts?
HDCP chip maybe, it's the HDMI nightmare.
Agree it is just an early chip in the 2910 giving you problems.
I own a 5910 and i have trouble sometimes. I have to turn it off and back on a few times to have it lock in HDMI.
Also, try a different HDMI cable.
Then, on thhe other side, it may be your TV is just not programmed to accept the early HDMI style signal.
? Planned obsolescence?