Denon DVD-2910 excessive vibration?

I was wondering if it is normal for the Denon 2910 to vibrate with authority? While playing CDs the vibration starts out strong on track 1 and then slowly diminishes with each track to nothing by the time the CD is over. I can't imagine the vibration is good for sound qualty.
Mine did not do that. If its w/all CDs, then I would guess that there is problem in the transport.
Does it vibrate at all?
I haven't used your particular model, I have used a 2200 and a 5900, they do not vibrate. I have had real cheap $29 units, which depending on the thickness of the dvd or cd would vibrate......seeing as yours is a 2910, and not a cheapo model, I would think your unit has issues.
Thanks. This will make the second late model Denon I have have purchased with issues. I have older Denons - AVR2500, AVR 3300 and a DCM460 CD player. They have been bullet proof.
I own a 2910 and it makes no vibrations of any kind while playing..
I say you got a lemon.
(I had to return mine as an exchange after the first week.
It stopped putting any video signal out at all.
Good thing it was a local retail store with a good policy.
I just returned from my local Denon dealer and found his DVD2910 was vibrating as well; although, not as bad. In fact he pulled a brand new one out of the box. Not all discs vibrate with the same intensity and by track 4 on all of the discs, I have tried, the vibration is gone. Allison Kraus "New Favorite" vibrates the worst. The dealers was manufactured Oct 2005 and mine was Aug 2005. If no one else has expierenced the vibration issue, maybe there was a bad batch.
Have the exact same vibration problem with my Yamaha S1500 universal player.
Sounds like a bad production run? As it was mentioned maybe a transport or a drawer problem I've had mine for over six months and have had zero problems with it!
does anyone's player have trouble reading discs? i have had this issue recently -- i put in the disc and it the readout says wrong format. i turn the power off, than on again and it can read the disc.
My 2910 vibrates with sacd's, mostly. It depends on the disc, but I get more vibration as the tracks get higher. Are you going to send yours back? Boy, I'd really like to know if stopping the vibration makes the sound better.
I just called Denon and they are not aware of a vibration problem. I was told to re-initailize the microprocessor by pressing the foward/skip and play buttons together, then while holding them down press the open/close button for about 3 seconds. The word initailize should appear in the display. He said this has worked for unexplained problems. You can also find this information on page 73 of the manual. I will try it tonight and let you know.
I have found with my 2910 that some CDs vibrate while others do not. I have been checking them by putting my hand on the side of the player as the CD spins up. Most DVDs are fine. I have not noticed degradation in the sound or video quality. I believe the vibration is due to some production discs being off centered or slightly off balance. I copied one of my music CDs with a vibration problem to a blank CD and the copy played flawlessly with no vibration. This same CD by the way caused my computer to vibrate as well. I believe this is also do to the high spin up speed of the player. It exagerates the vibration.
What bloomphoto said really makes sense to me - I have noticed the same exact thing, and the "imbalanced disc" idea crossed my mind, but for some reason I dismissed that. Like I said before, my 2910 seems to do it with sacd's, but I bet that certain other discs would too. I havn't heard or seen effects from it, but how would I know if there is a problem - maybe I'm just used to hearing the problem.
I have not had any problems with my SACDs, but if the disk is off balance, it shouldn't matter what type of disk it is.
I received a demo DVD from B&W. It made my whole cabinet shake the player was vibrating so much. I read in an online forum that other people had that problem with that demo disk. I contacted B&W and they sent me another. No vibration.
What Wahoo_Envy describes as the CD vibrating on the first few tracks and then vibrating less as the disk is playing I believe is due to the fact that the laser tracks from the inside out. As the laser moves toward the outside edge of the disk, the disk spins slower. Thus less vibration.
I also tried updating my firmware and re-initialized my player. That did not make any significant difference as far as vibration with the problematic disks.
My Denon 2200 has an extremely bad vibration with most SACD and DVD-A discs. There is no vibration with DVD or CD. The vibration gets less and less as the tracks go up, just like yours. It also runs very warm, almost hot to the touch.
After searching posts, it sounds like this a common problem with a few Denon models. The unit sounds good; although, I have mostly listened to DVD-A and SACDs now that I have the capability and have purchased at least a dozen high res titles.

A couple of years ago, two of my friends have bought new DVD-2900s after consulting with me and now one player doesn't read but every other disc. The other player quit reading discs all together. I almost feel guilty.

In the past, I have been a very loyal Denon consumer, but now I am starting to have my doubts.

I will call Denon again and tell them that re-intializing did not resolve the problem. This unit may be on its way back to the dealer. I am not sure there are any other manufacturers who offer reliable units at a similiar price point with the same build quality, performance and features.
Here is a very good article which discusses CD balance issues Redbook CDs have a particular problem with high speed drives due to the lower tolerance standards for the center hole.
The Denon 2910 spins at a high speed and has a large buffer. I do believe that is why it is less tolerant of unbalanced disks.
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It sounds like bloomphoto may have diagnosed why the vibration is happening, but can that be "fixed", or is it just a quirk to have to live with?
I had one of the first 5900's that had a violent transport grinding/lockup problem which at times was just an annoying vibration.
My second 5900 had no problems except macro blocking.
My first 3910 was DOA, so i brought it back to a local dealer.
The second powered up fine....but would not pass btb via dvi, had a green push, macro blocking, occasional DTS dropout and the upconversion button would not function after a few days.

Some say that made in China means nothing....but its very ironic that Denons Q/C issues were a lot higher, directly after they started making all there players in China.
I compared an Onkyo sp 1000 to the 3910, and slightly preffered the Onkyo's picture, as well as highly preffering the audio as well as build quality and dependibility.

I beleive Pioneer Elite also has a good rep for not having Q/C issues....but imo, Denon as of the last couple years has been a let down from the quality they once had.
It all makes sense. I have checked out another 2910 at a different audio store and it also vibrates with redbooks. Denon says it should not vibrate, others say theirs don't vibrate, yet, all the ones I have tried do vibrate. I guess I could live with it as long as it doesn't start malfunctioning past the warranty because of the vibration. Thanks everyone for the info.
Wahoo envy, please let me know if you get a repair, or if you hear of a "fix" for the vibration. You mentioned that Denon said it shouldn't vibrate, so did they say they could repair the problem? Thanks
I would venture to guess, that if your Denon unit is consistantly vibrating significantly on most or all disks, that would signify a problem with the transport unit. If it just happens on the occasional disk and is not shaking to the point that you can actually hear it, then that would probably be within tolerance. As I said, my machine just vibrates on a few disks, most are fine so that would indicate to me that I don't have a problem with the transport. Also depends on your interpretation of vibration. A slight vibration when the disk is spinning I believe is normal.
If anyone can actually identify a known problem with the 2910 and report the fix, please do.
I don't put any credence in the "off-center disc" theory.

My Yamaha S1500 played perfectly for seven months, then, started with the vibration business. It does it only on DVD and only after the unit has played a few discs previously. Sometimes a disc that has "vibrated" will later play OK. I think it's a lousy motor or motor bearings.
I would not argue that Theduke's player does not have a problem. Or that others who have posted describing their issues with their players may not actually have mechanical problems. I am just describing the experience that I had with my player. I find that 3 or 4 of my CDs consistantly vibrate. I made copies of a couple of them and the copies don't vibrate at all. DVDs don't vibrate nor do my SACDs. This dosn't change if the player is cold or warm or how many CDs I have played before. So I put out the theory that it may be the disks being out of balance that is causing it. The mscience article I mentioned above seems to support that.
When shopping for a player a year ago, I tried the Denon in the store. It vibrated so badly, I thought it was going to jump off the shelf. I passed it by. Wound up with a Daewoo for 50 clams. It does everything well.
Just bought a new 2910.
It started whining (high pitched sound) on track three.
The noise, a mechanical resonance, lasted about two minutes.
The whine really stood out whenever the music had a similar frequency (a glaring distortion).
I tried putting some sorbothane pucks on the player but it didn't help.
It was late night listening (low volume) which may be why I noticed.
Thinking I may have to return this pup...
No vibration problems with the Denon 3910 that I am aware of. I have owned both Denon 2900 (not 2910) and Denon 3910 players. My Denon 2900 vibrated like an old electric football game.
Can anyone tell me why I can't access DVD subtitles on my new 2910?
The option is "grayed out" on the menu indicating unavailability.
I'm using HDMI connection -Is this why?
I've searched all menus but no subtitles.
Also, manual isn't very helpful.

I've had the player less than a week and its performance
isn't impressing me much.
Slo-mo forward and reverse is very jerky compared to Sony.
It has 12-bit video processing which shaped my expectations upward.
Also, unit has a problem remembering where to resume when turned back on (playback point selected randomly).

'Till now, I've only used Sony products for DVD.
Did I make a mistake going with Denon?