Denon DVD 2900 not reading several cd's

Hello all,
It's been a while for me on these forums but my DVD-2900 has begun to frustrate me. More and more of my redbook cd's will not load up and play. I hear it revving up like it's loading a dvd and then it displays "No Load"

I tried a search here but could not come up with anything useful. Checked Denon's FAQ site and still no clue as to what's wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Bruce,

My Denon 2900 had the same problems. I just received mine back (still in the box) from Gold Crown Electronics located in Carson CA. (310-538-8282) They are a Denon Super Repair store. The problem they state was a bad traverse unit. They checked out everything else. No charge for the repair (under warranty) and free shipping back. It was only there for two days.

My Denon 2900 once in a long while has a problem loading a disc. So far I just recycle it and all is OK. However, it's nice to know where there is a good repair shop.