Denon DVD 2800 MKII

Has anyone had any experiences, good or bad, with the Denon DVD 2800 MKII. I'm concerned about the chroma bug problem. Is it something that should be of concern or is it something that most of us would have trouble detecting. If it is a concern then is there an upgrade to the unit that can be done. Thanks
Unless you have a HD monitor, and watch animated (cartoon) movies that have sharp picture edges and bright colors you will have a hard time seeing the chroma bug. Why do you think it went unrecognized for so long?
I have this unit and their has been no concerns as the chroma bug you speak of was addressed by Denon when they produced this unit!This is a solid unit and has preformed flawlessly,it has has played every format that I have inserted including DVD + R and - R,CD-R also!You can't go wrong with this unit.I am thinking of upgrading and may sell my unit!