Denon DVD 2500BTCI Blue Ray or Denon 3930CI player

I am in need of a new DVD player but can't decide wether to purchase the DVD 2500BTCI transport or the very well acclaimed 3930CI(great price). I do have an Onkyo Pro SC885 pre/processor and can use the internal processing of it to run with the 2500BTCI transport for the new formats. I haven't gone 1080P with (HDMI)TV yet and won't be for awhile until new house/new TV next summer. I'm wondering if the transport(2500) quality is as good as the 3930CI for playing DVD's. My rep for Denon had suggested the 3930CI for the price offered but also mentioned the alternate option of the transport and use the decoding of my Onkyo SC885 pre pro but I can't utilize the transport till I go HDMI to TV. I am not too familiar with a transport set-up and would like if anyone could offer some assistance in my decision.....

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Get the Blu-ray. Once you upgrade your TV, you'll be glad you did.
I don't think you can use the DVD-2500BTCI without a HDTV, from the Denon site description "This device does not have any analog outputs". That means HDMI cable only which you can't use because you don't have a HDMI compatible TV. Enjoy the 3930ci it's up-scaling is very good plus it plays SACD,HDCD,DVD-A-Video etc... I have one and it's gotten more use than my high definition player has. I run HDMI-1.3 cable from the Denon 3930ci>Onkyo NR-905>XBR-4 with no problems.
Buy something cheap temporarily and then buy a great Blu-Ray player later when you have a TV with HD picture capability. You can get an Oppo for ~$180 dollars...

Heck, if you feel like spending a lot, get the top of the line Oppo for S-DVD playback (~$400). It has the best tested specifications on the market for video. Then you can get the Denon Universal player when it is released next year...
Sorry but I owned an OPPO and they are crap compared to
the Denon 2930CI and Denon 3930CI. I have owned all 3.

The Oppo's sound sucks big time compared to the Denon.
The Oppo's video lacks the detail and "Depth of Field"
that the Denon has.. I was so disappointed with the
oppo I sold it at a huge loss just to rid myself of it.
I my experience Oppo just plain sucks.. Maybe I'm just
to spoiled with the Denons..
Tom92602, Which Oppo model was it?
I had the Oppo 980H. It may be an ok player compared
to similar sub $200 players but compared to a Denon 2930CI
is was disappointing in video quality, audio from DVDs, and
Redbook CDs. The Denon ate it for lunch..