denon DP60L

I have a denon DP60L with a straight tone arm and grado gold cartridge. The arm won't pivot vertically. If I move it manually 1" above the platter it stays there. Same at the platter or tilted to the peak. Any suggestions?

I have it rigged with a Mac 4100 receiver and monitor audio studio 6 bookshelfs. Any suggestions for tube amps and pre-amps to join it with?
The arm has a 'lift' mechanism. (that's the 'L' in the model number)
The lift is the curved black plastic near the pivot.
It has a screw, and is hard to set properly. Most likely the lift is set way too high, so it cannot lower at all.
Try releasing the screw and allow the bar to slide all the way down.
If the arm then pivots up and down ok... Then all you need to do is adjust the lift properly.
If the arm will still not pivot up and down, some other thing is binding it
thanks elizabeth,
unfortunately, the lift is all the way down. the arm can be lifted by hand, but stays in whatever position one sets it to. I thought perhaps the screws at the pivot point were too tight (the slotted screw-in-a-screw connection) but cannot seem to adjust those at all.

i have a theory which is don't break anything you can't fix. I'm approaching that point.

Then I would say it IS the pivots are way too tight.
The outer 'ring' screw has to be loosened first.
Hardware stores often have sets of 'special' bits for screw/hex/philips for sale. Some of these are the 'two tooth' for the outer screw.
You can also make your own.
Just find a proper size flat screwdriver, and file uot the middle of the blade til it fits the ring screw.
It is worth doing!
Once you get the outer loose adjust the inner until the arm is a bet loose. then tighten the outer a bit.
You will have to experiment until the inner stays in just the right place when the outer is tightened.
Probably what happened is someone set the inner and tightened the outer tight. Thus making the inner way too tight.
Again, the inner screw is the one that is setting the bearing, and the outer 'sets' (tightens) the inner. So watch out for the inner turning when you tighten the outer.
The inner can be set deliberatly loose so the tightening of the outer gets them just right!
Trial and error will get the job done.
Patience and you will have a fine TT.
(Do not worry about the bearings being damaged. Just fix the tightness and play it!
you are a champ! I'll give it a try in the next few days and let you know my results. Thanks so much, I look forward to unloaded the old B&O and stepping into the denon.

Thanks again.

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