Denon DP-S1: any experience with it?

A denon dp-s1 transport in very good condition is going to be available for sale. I have good memories from the only occasion I auditioned it ... but it was a looong time ago.
A few questions:
- how does its performance compares with other transports, like the ones from wadia, cec, ML ...
- when was the production of the DP-s1 discontinued? (the model was launched on 1993)
- are there any reliability issues with this transport? Does denon still keep spare parts for it?
- What would be the fair price for such a unit? (it was one of the latest units produced)

Thank you in advance,
I heard it at the S'phile show on '93 and at the Tower Books "Superstore" in Vegas(The complete system). It was rated Class A for awhile at the same time as Wadia etc. and was well built. I'd buy one if i were in the market.
It's a wonderful transport. I haven't heard the transports you mention, but it more than holds it's own against the current Esoteric units and my Theta. Using the ST glass output, the bass response is among the best I've heard from Redbook. Only weak part of the design/build quality is the non-removable 2-wire power cord. If you get one, I have someone install a IEC connector, so you can use a better PC.
thank you for the comments!
I will try the transport at home in a few days and then report the results :o)

Linkoping: in case I don't buy it, I will give you the contact of the person selling this unit (the location is Lisbon, Portugal)

Please let us know how the transport sound in your system once you test it out. And yes, I would be interested if you decide not to purchase it. Thanks!
The DPS1 that was available here , was kind of beaten up.
I remember it.
Yes, I was about to purchase that one but it was SOLD. The DPS1 was sold here was at 7/10 condition, but the seller list a very low price....
It amazes me that people don't take care of thier stuff. My transport has an Acrylic finish that was destroyed by the previous owner. luckily, I can send it to the factory to re-applied.
Sounds like you got a Krell top loader.Right?Me too but my acrylic is very very good.
He's gonna "PIMP IT OUT" with quality parts along with the power supply. He's also gonna look at my dac(Altis)
I have the Denon DP-S1 & the DA-S1 D/A converter and the pair's sound quality is out of this world. Bleeding with incredible build quality and the red book perfomance is second to none. I am considering selling the pair at some point on Audigon. Denon only made 55 pairs in the world. The AT&T glass fiber connection link connecting them is very rare indeed!