Denon DP-60L Questions...

I just picked-up a mint Denon DP-60L without the straight tonearm. Are those available anyplace and are there any modifications to this deck in order to improve performance? I am stuck between keeping TWO of the following tables - a new Rega P3 (non-24) with Exact cartridge and RB-300 tonearm, the Denon DP-60L with Grado Prestige cartridge on it or a demo, yes DEMO AR ES-1 with OEM Sumiko stock tonearm or installing a NOS SME 3009 IIIS tonearm with Denon DL-103R cartridge. Which of those two would you keep? I am leaning towards keeping the Denon and AR as the Denon is super easy to set-up and use and sound great - and putting the SME 3009 IIIS with fluid dampening on the AR ES-1 and selling the Sumiko tonearm and Grado prestige cartridge.

Any suggestions would be GREAT ad thank you all in advance.
I own a Denon Dp-59L, and have only the straight arm and one (of two) counterweights. The parts are not available anywhere. i have seen separate parts for sale on eBay twice, and they went for MORE than I paid for the entire table.
I own too many TTs too.