Denon DP-60L?

Anybody have one? I just picked one up in excellent condition. This thing looks great, is built like a tank and sounds excellent. I'd like to have RCA jacks installed so I can use different cables and I'm also going to have them go over everything while it's in the shop. Any certain areas I should have them check? They told me don't do a recap if I'm not having any issues. I'll be using it with an Ortofon Bronze, Lounge Audio LCR MKIII w/silver upgrade and KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. I got it for a great deal and don't want to put too much in it but I'd like to get many more years out of it if I can.

Thanks for any input.
Who is “they”?
do the recap.
do you notice that “I don’t want to put too much in it” and “I’d like to get many more years out of it” are internally contradictory?
The capacitors are cheap. Many of the parts they protect are not cheap and are sometimes NLA.
@lewm Thanks for the reply. It’s a local shop that’s been around a while and from ’what I’ve heard’ does good work. Yes, I’m more comfortable with a recap while it’s in there so it made me wonder too. As for “I don’t want to put too much in it” and “I’d like to get many more years out of it", you missed the if I can part and I probably should have said if it’s worth it instead. Is the 60L that nice of a turntable to put the money into it? I got it for the $300 range. Do I listen to it as is, hope for a few good years and save my money for a better turntable down the road? Sorry I'm not as experienced with turntables as others here.
I owned that table many moons ago and I gave it to my sister and she still uses it. You got a very nice table for 300 bucks. BTW, do you have the two interchangeable arm wands that came with that table?
@yogiboy No, it came with just the straight arm. It also came with a Sumiko Blue Oyster but I am going to put an Ortofon Bronze in it that I already have. From reading, I guess I’ll be fine with the Bronze and most MM cartridges in general with the straight arm? I don’t mind putting some money into it if it’s worth it. Getting the RCA jacks will run me about $65. I’m thinking the recap would be another $100-150? I also read that the 60L is sealed? Can I compromise anything by having it worked on internally at all? It is minty cosmetically and a very cool looking turntable.
The platter on those older Denons have a magnetic strip on the inside rim . Be careful not to damage it. I have seen those tables fetch over a grand in mint condition. You will be happy with that table for years with no reason to change it. BTW, I don’t see why you would have to replace the caps!
@yogiboy Thanks again. Yes, I’m no electrical expert but I hear many say that replacing the caps is cheap compared to the other parts that may get damaged with old caps failing. Also, I guess it’s hard to find parts for older Denon tables as well? Any other areas I should have them go over if they’re in it? I’m definitely going with the RCA jacks. They said they would also polish the cover for another $25. Honestly it doesn’t really need it but for $25 if they can get it closer to new looking I might just do it. I’m more concerned with getting it solid mechanically for more years. Again, it works great now so I guess I need to concentrate on suspect wear and tear spots while they have it open.
Sorry if my first post was a bit caustic.  I would say that you got the DP60L at a very fair price, for $300.  I would say that if you were to spend another $300 or so on it, in order to put it into tip top condition, that would not be a bad investment.  And if you're going to use it for years, then you could even justify spending a bit more. These Denons used some discrete transistors that have proven to be problematic and can be replaced with modern, more reliable equivalents.  Further, they operate off of a single IC that is hard to find, if it fails.  Leaky capacitors can lead to failures of any of those parts, which is why I urge you to do the capacitors.  If your tech is really knowledgable, he could also upgrade the transistors while he is in there.  (The caps and transistors are cheap; the cost is all labor.) If you don't want to spend the bucks, keep an eye out for a DP75 or DP80.  Those don't have a built-on tonearm but are one step up from the DP60 in terms of function as a turntable. They are also undervalued in this market.
@lewm Thanks for the excellent reply. I think I might push the fact of the caps and transistors being updated. He was saying it would be in the $150 range for caps. So with my RCAs installed, new caps/trans and a cover polish I might be in for under $300 and I'll feel more confident with it going forward. I have two Pro-Ject tables and they just don't feel as solid and smooth as this Denon. Thus they are now FS. I actually spotted the 60L when I was going to buy a minty 51F and ended up buying both. I'll put the 51F in my family room. Everyone can enjoy some smooth vintage auto there. :)

asahitoro, did you end up getting the rca jacks installed? Did they have to cut away some of the plinth? I am very tempted by a 60L locally and would want to install rca jacks as well. I'm very curious to see yours and know what they had to modify on the plinth to do it.