Denon DP-59L TT - straight arm or s-shaped arm?

For the Denon DP-59L table, which arm do you prefer the straight arm or the s-shaped arm and why? For those using the s-shaped arm, would appreciate you choice of cartridge/s. I am currently using a straight arm with an Audio Technica AT-150MLX cartridge into a Creek OBH-15 phonostage/Krell S-300i int. amp/Dynaudio Focus 140 speakers and am wondering if the s-shaped arm would provide any overall improvement in my sound. Thanks for all responses..
I recently sold my Denon DP-59L (and moved to RegaP5 and Kuzma) I used the straight arm.
IMO a curved are is ancient technology. I know some folks love curved arms, but i immediately think "1970". For awhile the "S" curve arm was all the rage. It was a fade, one some folks still enjoy. The "S" curve arm is a heavier arm, for lower compliance carts. (Stone age carts) (BUT, if you like to use old, heavy, low compliance stone age carts, the "S" arm is the one to use!) LOL!
If you want to use the better arm for the majority of modern cartridges, the straight arm is the only one to use.
(Did my post seem RANT-ISH?? PS clearly I hate "S" and J" curves arms. no kidding, no special reason, just they suck IMO with a modern high compliance cart)
Feel free to flame my buttocks all you curved arm lovers.
Elizabeth............I barely know you.
Elizabeth, Can you define "modern high compliance cartridge"? To most vinylphiles, "modern" = moving coil, and real "high compliance" = moving magnet or moving iron. Your phrase is kind of an oxymoron, unless you divulge your definitions of the two terms.
Elizabeth, Can you define "flame my buttocks"