Denon DP-59L skips at end of record

I recently bought a DP-59L from the original owner. It has been sitting unused for 20 years. I installed a cartridge and am having a problem with skipping at the end of a record. It plays properly until the last few minutes. I have read on line that it may be an issue with the auto lift mechanism but am not sure how to repair this. Has anyone experienced this on this turntable or similar units?


That's the usual suspect. Sometimes the cueing platform isn't level and rubs on the bottom of the arm. Check if you have clearance near the end of record.

IIRC there's an adjustment screw under the cueing platform pad, but first check around the bottom of the tower.

There's a service manual in VE library - free download.
Good tip from Fleib. A word of caution on vintage turntables. Given the age it best to do a pick up and test when you buy, never ship, even if the seller has all the original packing materials and boxes. Parts for these vintage TT's are rare and finding someone to do the repair is almost an impossible feat, even if you have the service manual.
I like vintage tables, have had a Sony PX-7 for decades that still sounds great.
That said, I would not pay more for one than it would bother me to just throw it in trash.
If the auto lift or cueing bar is confirmed not hitting the tonearm, then check the anti-skating force and/or Vertical Tracking Force. Too much anti-skating force can make the tonearm want to jump back away from the center of the record. Is that what it is doing when it skips? Is the tonearm moving outward towards the outside of the record?
I did download the service manual but there is nothing specific about this. Can anyone give me guidance on how to repair the auto lift mechanism if that is the problem?
Did you determine that the arm isn't rubbing on the auto lift platform near end of record?

In the service manual there should be an exploded view of the arm and the automatic parts. If you can't find the adjustment screw and there's no picture of it, you might have to take it to a tech. It could be something else. You could try setting the damping and anti-skate to zero and make sure tracking force is correct and has a clean needle.

That table could be 30 years old. It's really impossible to diagnose or fix it long distance.

I made several attempts to purchase a Denon DP59L because I like the look of it, and it would only be used as a second TT. I went very close to pull the trigger but I thought of parts replacement and repair. I think I will get a Music Hall instead as a second TT.
I just picked up a mint DP60L doing the exact same thing... My Antiskate is definitely off, even at 0, it pulls a back force of near 2g... I won't have a chance to check it out for a couple of weeks. If you don't have answers when I do, I will respond... I feel like someone tried to service this and over tightened the bearing. I'm going to loosen the bearing, lube it and appropriately retighten, check out the auto lift, adjust anything I can and try it again.
Good Luck, Tim