Denon DP-500M Turntable?

How does this table compare....I'm looking to get back into vinyl....
I used to have a DD Denon, early 80's model, until I heard a Rega demonstrated side-by-side with the Denon... the Rega won hands down. I bought a Rega p-3 about a year later and have stayed with Rega these last 20 years
I did not like it. I would get SL1200 instead.
In the Direct Drive genre, the KAB version of the Technics 1200 is a better TT than the new Denon, however you could also consider a mint vintage Denon such as the dp-62L (for less money!) or the dp-59L (which would run more $$$ for a truly mint example, but they are beautiful...).
Consider belt drive instead.