DENON DP-47F info needed

Looking for advice on what type of headshell this will need and a good cartridge (under $200 or so). A beautiful piece of equipment, thanks.
Pretty sure this requires a proprietary headshell.
Here is a picture of that turntable's headshell from a current Ebay auction.
And a (different looking?) Denon headshell (standard mount) from another current Ebay auction.
Lost the headshell to mine somewhere in my last move. Picked up a ADC headshell from the Needledoctor ($20.00). Tried contacting Denon since I think I have the part number (PCL-30) but no luck.

Still using the table (bought it in Japan in 1984) in my bedroom system and it sounds great. Using a Denon DL-103.

Good luck.