Denon DP-1200 turntable

I have not had this connected to my system in years...partly due to space restrictions and partly due to the platter rotates at a very high speed no matter how I try to control it. Years ago somebody told me it probably needs a new servo? In any case, to what repair price point should I go with this before considering a totally new turntable? There are not other defects that I am aware of and it's still in very good cosmetic condition. This was a better than average tt in it's time but I really have not kept up on these over the years.
In 1978 it sold for $375.00 and worth about $200.00 today for one that is operational. Denon no longer supports this table, so parts and service from Denon is no longer an option. In my opinion I would move on to a newer table. When adjusted in price the $375.00 in 1978 equals $1,266.00 in todays dollars.

There are some very fine turntable out there in that price range and less, both new and used.

My preference is the VPI turntables. VPI is U.S. made, serivice and parts a phone call away. Good dealer network and VPI table have a clear upgrade path to higher performance when time and resources permit. With VPI there is not a built in obsolete factor.
I agree with Ferrari. The very worst thing about the large Japanese companies has always been their lack of support for their products. Even when they are current it is not good. When they are gone it is often nonexistent. I am biased toward VPI, as I am a dealer. There are many other turntables out there which are better than the Denon was in its prime which you can buy for little more than you would pay to fix it. Used tables are often a very good bargain [he says , cutting his own throat] especially those of superior quality. If you do not want to spend a great deal of money Thorens and Rega are usually very good for the money.
Many of the better Japanese DD turntables had a magnetic strip, somewhat like magnetic tape, around the inside circumferance of the platter. A magnetic head read the tape and worked as a servo, continuously adjusting the speed. This was the precursor to the quartz lock stuff. At any rate, if the frgile tape becomes damaged, or demagnetized, the game is over and the tabe is scrap.