Denon DP-11F 1982 decent turntable?

I am considering (entry-level) turntables such as the NAD 533, Pro-Ject 1.2, Music Hall MMF 2.1., and Rega P2.

My current turntable is a 1982 Denon DP-11F. It is automatic, servo-controlled direct drive, and in good working order.

Do you think that a current entry-level turntable is going to be a significant upgrade for this unit?

Thanks much!
Any of the mentioned turntables would be a significant upgrade to the Denon which was their entry level unit and is not a great table.
All would be a leap up. Denon made Japanese tekkie tables. They were flashy direct drive. I remember the owner of Esoteric Audio in Brooklyn doing a blind test with me of the top-of-the-line Denon and the entry level B&O. I picked the B&O 10 out of 10. Direct drive removes detail because it continuously over-corrected to get a good average. So the sound was low distortion, rumble,etc. but lousy detail. Japan has a great heritage of record pressing and cartridges but an occaisional weakness for counter-productive tekkie. Go for it.