Denon DNP-800NE Reviews?

$100 more than the Node 2i and no support for MQA, but still curious if anyone has heard one?
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MQA is just a marketing ploy!
I own an DNP800NE since it came out two months ago and it replaced the older model I had for a few months, the DNP730AE. Paired with the PME2500NE amplifier and Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers I’m very pleased with the sound, control and build quality of the player. Together with the HEOS-App on my I-phone it works very well for controlling the network player and amplifier. I think at this pricepoint you realy can’t go wrong with this player.
Grunefeld - the HEOS is a pretty nice convenience. I’ve been using it through a Marantz pre for the past year. I was thinking of utilizing this player for a two-channel system in the office. Appreciate the comment and time, sir!
did you decide on this piece?
I'm perusing a network player and this one is on my radar.

Will it do Quobuz?
Denon and Marantz are now joined at the hip and Marantz streamers, IMO, are buggy as hell.  Don’t know how that would effect this product, but I would be cautious 
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