Denon DNP-800NE Reviews?

$100 more than the Node 2i and no support for MQA, but still curious if anyone has heard one?
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MQA is just a marketing ploy!
I own an DNP800NE since it came out two months ago and it replaced the older model I had for a few months, the DNP730AE. Paired with the PME2500NE amplifier and Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers I’m very pleased with the sound, control and build quality of the player. Together with the HEOS-App on my I-phone it works very well for controlling the network player and amplifier. I think at this pricepoint you realy can’t go wrong with this player.
Grunefeld - the HEOS is a pretty nice convenience. I’ve been using it through a Marantz pre for the past year. I was thinking of utilizing this player for a two-channel system in the office. Appreciate the comment and time, sir!