Denon DNA7100 any experience?

In searching for a SSP for combo HT and 2 chanel stereo duties, I came across this unit. Its in their "professional" category of electronics but sports a nice feature list. I like the 7.1, lots of decoding formats, balanced xlr outputs, 3 optical inputs, 192kHz/24 bit Crystal-TM DAC for all 8 Channels, rackmount design etc.

Has anyone had any experience with this unit and can you comment on the sound and ease of use?


I've had one of these for over a year.
I bought it becaues it has truly balanced outputs, and one truly balanced input. This is just fine for my system, since my Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP CD player is the only balanced source I own. My other source is my Oppo BDP-83 Blue Ray player.
I'm planning to use (5) of the the single ended outputs on my Oppo, analog in to the Denon.
Right now I'm not using the Denon, because I'm using my new Pass XP-10 for both 2 channel video & audio, with both sources. Soon, I want to do the pass-through thing for two channel, and use both the Denon and Pass for surround sound.